Learn Google Auth

Authorization issue - 13 Dec 2023

UPDATE: 13 Dec 2023 - This happens only when pushed to vercel site (subdomain) and I am hoping that the issue will be gone after the app is switched to “production” as suggested by an answerer in the above stackoverflow question.

Implementing google signin (Totel Scam Project)

Quick Links:

On Oauth Consent Screen you need to fill it like this:

By default we get general details of the user who is logging-in in our app but we want more details from the user, we can get it by selecting some desired scopes from the list (point 2):

We don’t want any test users so we can click save and continue:

In the end it shows the summary and you can simply click “BACK TO DASHBOARD” now:

Out consent screen is ready now we can create the OAuth credentials:

And finally you get the clientId and clientSecret like that:

NOTE: for nextjs’s nextauth we change the redirect url like that, (Since I am running on port 3001, I need make the port as 3001)