Learn Google Console APIs via Oauth2

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Google Calendar API usage with nodejs

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To get calendar events via the Calendar API for today in JavaScript, you can use the following steps:

Authenticate to the Calendar API. You can do this using OAuth 2.0 or a service account. Create a new google.calendar.v3.CalendarService object. Call the events.list() method on the CalendarService object. This method will return a list of all events on the user’s calendar for the specified time period. To get events for today, you can use the following parameters: timeMin: The start of the time period. Set this to the current date at midnight. timeMax: The end of the time period. Set this to the current date at midnight plus one day.

// Import the Calendar API client library.
const { google } = require('googleapis');

// Create a new CalendarService object.
const calendarService = new google.calendar.v3.CalendarService();

// Set the timeMin and timeMax parameters.
const now = new Date();
const timeMin = new Date(now.getFullYear(), now.getMonth(), now.getDate(), 0, 0, 0, 0);
const timeMax = new Date(timeMin.getTime() + 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000);

// Call the events.list() method to get events for today.{
  calendarId: 'primary',
  timeMin: timeMin,
  timeMax: timeMax,
.then((response) => {
  // Parse the response JSON.
  const events =;

  // Print the event summaries.
  for (const event of events) {
.catch((error) => {

// NOTE: Parse the response. The response from the events.list() method will be a JSON object containing a list of event resources. You can use a JSON parser to parse the response and extract the event information.

// Parse the response JSON.
const events = JSON.parse(;

// Print the event summaries.
for (const event of events.items) {

Calendar List API

// NOTE: All below scopes can be used together as well by using space as delimiter:

Using credentials - OAuth 2 on collection itself (current usage)

When I click on “Get New Access Token” button, where is the token stored?

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