Learn i3

Get alsamixer floated

# get alsamixer

Finding window name for making them float

  1. ♥ Source: Click here


  1. ♥ Get only WM_NAME, WM_CLASS, WM_WINDOW_ROLE and WM_WINDOW_TYPE (source - Same above stackoverflow answer of point 1).

xprop2i3 is amazing you can check it here i.e, in my own config repository.

Tip: You can use my alias for it as well ie., as well.

  1. ♥ To get only WM_NAME you can use this command too:
xprop WM\_CLASS
# Outpu:
# WM\_CLASS(STRING) = "gnome-calculator", "Gnome-calculator"

#### LEARN ####
### The first part is `instance` for i3
### The second part is `class` for i3

### so to make them float for i3 it would work like that:
for_window [instance="gnome-calculator"] floating enable
# OR
for_window [class="Gnome-calculator"] floating enable
  1. Another similar good reddit question: Click here

My Current Setup of manjaro-i3 (♥ _please_keep_this_post _top)


♥💕❤ New learning from monajaro-i3 installation (default setup)

  1. mod+m makes the taskbar autohide and to see taskbar show automatically you need to press mod anytime you want).
  2. mod+b toggle b/w last workspace.
  3. mod+ <anyWorkspaceNumber> switched to target workspace but when pressed again act as switching b/w current and last workspace.

Installed xorg-xprop to find info for windows

sudo pacman -S xorg-xprop

# Now you can use:
# Now use cross-hair cursor to click any window and get all the details of that window!! Its good for doing stuff (like making certain windows always float in i3 tiling manager or other similar stuff).

Fixing flameshow in new manajaro-i3 install

You need to disable below lines as shown i.e, by adding a prefix of # for each of these lines:

# bindsym Print exec --no-startup-id i3-scrot
# bindsym $mod+Print --release exec --no-startup-id i3-scrot -w
# bindsym $mod+Shift+Print --release exec --no-startup-id i3-scrot -s

and you need to add this line for flameshot:

bindsym Print exec /usr/bin/flameshot gui