Learning Markdown

You may practise markdown with live updates @

Foldable section:

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Month Savings
January $250
February $80
March $420
Month | Savings
January  | $250
February | $80
March    | $420

Colorful Text hacks in Github Markdown:

- this is red
+ this is green

Favourite markdown docs:

<h1 align="center">I am centered text.</h1>
<div align="right">I am right centred text.</div>
<ins>**This text will be bold and underlined**<ins>
<b><span style="color: red;">hello</span></b>

<!-- Using images -->
<!-- To set width for an image, you can use html tag as well: -->
<img src="https://some_image.jpg" alt="drawing" width="700"/>
Use ~~double tildes around the words~~.