qutebrowser is awesome

DOWNSIDES: Figma doesn’t work at all.(Warning: check if it started working, noted: 4 March, 22)

Best way to open qutebrowser via dmenu: qu works excellent!

My config file for qutebrowser:

Source (youtube@distrotube):

Source2 (youtube@distrotube):

qutebrowser has 23k commits, wow!

Amazing course for learnig qutebrowser @

You can open Help page in qutebrowser directly via: :help command and that’ll open the help page from qutebrowser’s site.

(Found in help page) Commands page:

Help page:

Quick Start:

Read here:

Configuring via files ?

~Sahil: Please read @

Set search engines:


Use below command to set default and other search engines, default new tab, start_pages, and more.

:set url.searchengines ‘{“aur” : “{}”, “ap”: “{}”, “us”: “{}”, “r”: “{}”, “ud”: “{}”, “aw”: “{}”, “y”: “{}”, “DEFAULT”: “{}”, “d”: “{}”}’ :set url.default_page “” :set url.start_pages “”

You can change these settings manually via below command as well.

:open qute://settings